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Going Above and Beyond!

The mission of Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine is to be the leader in advancing the health of adults and children with neurosurgical disorders by providing comprehensive, compassionate and superior care in a state-of-the-art environment of healing, teaching and discovery. 2020 has been an eventful year for our physicians, research and academics team, partners, and collaborators. ā€œIn complement to quality patient care, Goodman Campbell resolutely continues its mission in research and academics. Our physicians and collaborators were busy with a large number of publications across sub-specialty areas of the practiceā€ says Director of Academics and Research, Heather Cero. There were a total of 33 publications last year with 12 of our physicians involved. Physicians who were published include:

The publishing process can be quite lengthy and requires entire teams from idea to publication. Once a proposal is submitted, the intended protocol must be approved, data gets collected and analyzed, and once written, turned in for peer review. Our physicians and collaborators dedicate an overwhelming amount of time and resources in order to better understand advances in neurological sciences and share findings with fellow healthcare professionals.

Goodman Campbell participates in both multicenter and physician initiated studies. These include collaboration with groups around the country and may involve specific medical devices, national databases, or cutting edge treatment. Our physician directed studies are driven by neurosurgical topics most often with a focus on patient outcomes.

The physicians of Goodman Campbell are committed to improving the health of our patients through clinical research and data-driven outcome measures. Neurosurgeon, Dr. Richard Rodgers, states ā€œI think this is an impressively diverse output from a group that is considered ā€˜private practice.ā€™ It is obvious that our group is invested in continuously advancing our specialty with clinical and basic research, and Iā€™m proud to be a part of it.ā€ To learn more about Goodman Campbellā€™s publications visit 2020 GCBS Publications.

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