Tumor and Vascular

Tumors and vascular abnormalities may occur anywhere along the spine or in the delicate areas of the spinal canal. Often they require a detailed work-up and expert advice.

Laminectomy/Fusion for Tumor/Lesion Removal

Many times, a fusion (screws and rods) is recommended to reconstruct or stabilize the spine following removal of the bone and tumor.

Laminoplasty for Tumor/Lesion Removal

Removal of a portion of the bone in order to relieve pressure on the nerve underneath.

Spinal Fistula Disconnection

Spinal fistulas cause high-pressured arterial blood to flow the wrong way into the veins that drain the spinal cord, causing damage over time.

Metastatic Tumor Resection

The purpose of metastatic tumor resection is to remove as much of the tumor as possible to decompress the nerves and allow them to heal.

Intradural Tumor Resection

Surgery is recommended to prevent further loss of function, and obtain improvement in symptoms and a diagnosis.

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