Why Goodman Campbell?

You Are at the Center of Our Work

We are Dedicated to Treating Your Brain, Spine and Nervous System, as Well as Your Back and Neck Pain

At Goodman Campbell, you have access to specialists in neurosurgery, interventional pain management and interventional neuroradiology — many of whom can do what no other physician in the region can.

What makes Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine truly unique is that our team of physician specialists are dedicated to the mission of cutting edge clinical diagnosis and treatment, clinical research and data-driven outcome measures to improve the health of our patients. Many of our surgeons specialize in specific areas of neurosurgery so that you get an expert in the field for your care. An outstanding team of allied health and advanced practice providers, clinical research nurses and coordinators, database technicians and medical administrative and clinical assistants put your care first. You and your referring physician should know that we do not consider surgery to be your only treatment option. Neurosurgeons at Goodman Campbell collaborate with a team of specialists to provide non-operative options including interventional pain management and physical therapy. If surgery is the treatment plan, your care will be followed before, during and after your procedure.

Brain, Spine and Nervous System

The nervous system and its components all work in unison to provide your body with the ability to control, protect and maintain itself. Through the intricacies of the brain, nerves and spinal cord, we are able to experience memories, avoid perils and move our bodies in an intentional way. Our brain provides the “computer,” the nerves the “map” and the spine the “frame.” When just one part of this system fails, there may be extreme hurdles to overcome. We view you as a whole person, whether your hurdles are large or small, and we take pride in giving you the care we would want for ourselves or our loved ones.

Training Requirements

To become a neurosurgeon requires seven years in residency to become specialized in neurosurgery. Surgeons at Goodman Campbell are dedicated to mastering a particular subspecialty area of the nervous system and its unique disorders and diseases. We took this approach long before it was accepted by other large medical practices. Becoming board certified is the final step in the mastery of the specialty.  All of our neurosurgeons are board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery or are eligible for that certification. This dedication to immersing ourselves in specific areas of the nervous system, and even specific conditions that affect those areas, remain hallmarks of our practice.

Our board certified interventional neuroradiologists were residency trained in radiology, specializing in neuroradiology or neurology. A two-year, post-residency fellowship by a neuroradiologist or neurologist leads to also becoming proficient and board certified in interventional neuroradiology.

The board certified Goodman Campbell interventional pain management physicians were residency trained in anesthesia and board certified in anesthesia. A fellowship in interventional pain management leads to becoming proficient in interventional procedures and board certification in this subspecialty.

Conditions and Treatments

Our highly trained physician specialists treat adult and pediatric disorders of the brain, spine and nervous system, using the latest treatments and advanced technologies. We also offer noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments, including stereotactic radiosurgery, minimally invasive spinal surgery, minimally invasive treatment for subdural hematoma, nosebleeds, neuroendoscopy, spinal cord stimulation, spinal injections and specialized physical therapy techniques.

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