Functional neurosurgery focuses on modifying or restoring parts of the nervous system. This includes every component of the nervous system from the brain down and may involve movement, pain or other nerve and/or brain functions.

Intrathecal Medication Pumps

An intrathecal pump delivers small amounts of medicine into the spinal fluid, thus lessening the medicine’s side effects.

Epilepsy Surgery

This surgery for uncontrolled or medically refractory epilepsy/seizures is an aggressive way to obtain excellent results when others have failed.

Deep Brain Stimulation

For some people who are unable to control their disease with medication, we can offer surgery to help maintain their quality of life.

Stereotactic Ablation

This surgery creates a lesion in the brain with energy in the form of heat (electrical, laser, radio wave or ultrasound).


A shunt drains excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain into the abdominal area or the heart in order to relieve pressure on the brain.


The ventriculostomy allows the neurosurgeon and other doctors and nurses to monitor the pressure in your brain.

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