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Celebrating 25 Years of Service and Friendship

2024 marks 25 years of excellence in service and providing quality patient care for allied health team members Kathy Butz, RN and Stacy Bell, FNP-C (pictured left to right). Both Kathy and Stacy highlighted friendship and company culture as part of the reason they’ve enjoyed working at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine. From the physicians and coworkers, to other members of the health care team, both expressed the same sentiment: “we are all very good friends, there is truly a sense of family and support at GCBS”.

GCBS provides the allied health team with tools and resources needed to achieve personal and professional goals.

Kathy: “There are several accomplishments over 25 years, but certainly having the opportunity to work with patients and families affected by brain tumors, and helping to coordinate the brain tumor program at Ascension St. Vincent have been big highlights. This includes the work with the Brain Tumor Support Network.

Stacy: “I think my professional accomplishments would be building relationships, trust and respect of our referring providers. I often get referrals asking for me by name. I also appreciate that GCBS has always been progressive in our use of RN’s, NP’s and PA’s which has helped build our practice. Before I started working as an NP with Goodman Campbell, jobs were not as plentiful and companies were not sure how to utilize our profession.”

A quarter of a century of working in the healthcare field has taught both Kathy and Stacy a great deal. “During my time at GCBS, and before that as a nurse in Neuro Critical Care, I have been continually amazed at the resilience and determination of those affected by brain injury (traumatic, non-traumatic, or brain tumors). It is a testament to the human spirit and the power of healing”, stated Kathy. Stacy highlighted Goodman Campbell’s mission of collaboration and teamwork. She shared “I can’t do what I do without my coworkers and every position is important. I also value building relationships with other specialties, which facilitates exceptional patient care.” 

Interestingly enough, Kathy and Stacy met while interviewing at Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group (the predecessor to GCBS). Kathy was interviewing with Dr. Daniel Cooper and Stacy with Dr. Peter Hall and the spine team. “Who knew, on that day we would both be offered positions and still be here 25 years later,” joked Kathy. “Since then, she has not only been a trusted co-worker, but also one of my very best friends.” Stacy recalls, “so many great memories of my GCBS (ING) family. We have had a lot of wonderful parties/team building events dating back to Dr. Cooper’s farm.” These two are the definition of a great work family- they’ve shared weddings and graduations, baby showers and funerals, and both value the culture of GCBS.

Twenty-five years is a milestone for any employee. Thank you for your years of service, dedication to your patients and coworkers, and for helping make Goodman Campbell an even more enjoyable place to work!

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