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Off to Medical School!

Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine’s very own Carli Cahill is headed to medical school this August!

Carli will attend the Indiana University School of Medicine, and will learn in May, at which of their nine campuses she will be placed. She is a 2020 Health Sciences graduate of Grace College who grew up loving science. But it wasn’t until her mother’s diagnosis with cancer her junior year of high school, that she decided she would attend medical school.

Her love of the brain and nervous system stemmed from her undergraduate anatomy and physiology class. Another area of interest for Carli is Palliative Care. She states, “My mom ended up passing away my senior year after a long battle with cancer. I was able to watch the role that the physicians had in her care and how much they helped her as well as me and my family through everything. I love a little bit of everything, so I am looking forward to getting more exposure to different specialty areas to help make my decision.”

Regarding her time at Goodman Campbell, Carli feels that she has learned so much in her time here. “The biggest lesson has been in the idea of quality of life. Whether it’s debilitating back pain, a brain tumor, or muscle spasticity, quality of life is something that plays a big factor in a patient’s health. I’ve also been able to watch surgery, and I hope to see more before I leave. I’m trying to be a ‘sponge’ and soak up everything I can while I’m around such amazing physicians, APPs, nurses, and office staff.”

Shadowing experience with Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine neurosurgeon Dr. Carl Sartorius.

Carli also shares “There are many people I am thankful for here at Goodman Campbell. It was a blessing to have the support of so many kind people during the ups and downs of this application cycle. I really love the work family I have developed here. There are also many patients who helped me learn along the way, and I will never forget them.”

Best of luck to you, Carli!   

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