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Who Are Goodman Campbell’s Private APPs?

What is a private advanced practice provider?

When you come to Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine (GCBS), you may be seen by a private advanced practice provider or APP. Advanced practice providers are physician assistants (PAs) or nurse practitioners (NPs) with advanced medical training in their specialty field. APPs work in the clinic and operating room, providing care at all stages of a patient’s treatment. They are instrumental in assessing a patient’s condition and initiating treatment. They order diagnostic imaging and other therapies that will streamline your care, enhancing your visit with the physician. Alongside our APPs, several other team members including registered nurses, radiologic technologists, and a physical therapist are instrumental in your coordination of care.

Who is the team?

Each physician has a dedicated APP or APP team who works with the physician to develop specialized treatment plans best suited for each patient. Specialization within the field of neurosurgery was a core belief of Dr. Goodman and because of this, GCBS has a national reputation for providing the highest level of neurosurgical care. Our Allied Health team members are also specialized within our practice setting and they are trained to care for diseases of the brain, spine, and neurovascular system. By specializing, our APPs are different than most, as they become experts in their field.

This means, if you have a problem with your back, you are going to see an APP specifically trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat disorders of the spine. Our APPs are fortunate to have a trusted surgeon at their side to engage in collaboration when it comes to providing excellent patient care. They are instrumental in increasing access to care for our patients, and being by their side throughout the duration of their journey at GCBS.

Our specialty trained physical therapist is highly skilled in manipulative therapy, working alongside the physicians to diagnose and treat disorders of the spine. In the same manner, Goodman Campbell’s RNs are highly specialized and work closely with their team to treat disorders of the brain and spine. In the same manner, Goodman Campbell’s RNs are highly specialized and work closely with their team to treat disorders of the brain and spine.

What do they do?

Our RNs and APPs provide a level of service that is unmatched, personally calling patients before their surgery to talk through the steps leading up to surgery. Many of our APPs are in the operating room, while some make rounds on patients in the hospital. They are the friendly voice on the other end of the phone after surgery, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful recovery at home. 

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