Practice News

Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine begins Telehealth / Virtual Patient Visits

The onset of COVID-19 and the resulting changes to day to day activity has had an impact on how many patients we can schedule in our office locations.  In order to continue to meet the demand of those with neurologic problems, we have started a virtual patient visit program.  In short, this means you may qualify for an internet video-based examination with a physician or advanced practice provider.  At this time we plan to schedule new consultations and follow up virtual visits.  The visit will require pre-registration and information gathering either by phone or our on-line portal, just as it would if it was in one of our locations.  A Goodman Campbell representative will speak with you and decide if you qualify for this type of visit. When scheduling patients in high-risk categories, we will first offer a virtual visit. If for some reason a virtual visit isn’t possible, we will strongly recommend that the patient be seen at a later date.

Request an appointment online and we will guide you through the next steps.