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Celebrating the Career of Dr. John A. Scott

After dedicating over 3 decades of his life to the patients and colleagues of Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Dr. John Scott officially retired February 15th and is now ready to enjoy family and travel. Dr. Scott started work at IU Hospital after completing his fellowship at NYU (1985) before being recruited by Drs. Goodman and Horner to join ING (the predecessor to Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine) in 1987. Here he found a program that worked as a team, focusing on best patient care. During the beginning of his career, he worked alongside and was supported by the ING neurovascular team at the time: Dr. Terry Horner, Dr. Thomas Leipzig, Dr. Troy Payner, and later Dr. Andrew DeNardo in 1994. Drs. Scott and DeNardo worked side by side for many years ensuring patients received the best care and the service was always covered.

According to Dr. Scott, when he started practice, few endovascular devices were commercially available. “Since then, there has been an explosion of new devices and techniques to treat aneurysms, vascular malformations, and acute stroke. Treatment innovation, new devices and refinement of those now in use will certainly continue.”

For those who worked closely with Dr. Scott, a common theme brought up has been his ability to put the patient first. He is revered as a leader and mentor, and multiple coworkers and patients have expressed this sentiment. When asked for an accomplishment from his career Dr. Scott humbly stated he has appreciated the ability to treat aneurysms by endovascular means and witnessed the radical change in the treatment of acute stroke. “Iā€™ll miss working with my INR and surgical colleagues, as well as our great team of APPā€™s, MAā€™s, nurses and techs” shared Dr. Scott.

Thanks in part to Dr. Scott, Goodman Campbell is an organization that is now recognized nationally as being one of the largest, busiest practices in the country with consistent positive outcomes. Dr. DeNardo, who came to the practice primarily for the opportunity to learn and work alongside Dr. Scott, added, “As much as I wish weā€™d have ridden out together Iā€™m ecstatic for John that he finally gets to relax and hang up the catheter.” We wish you a well-deserved retirement!

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