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Welcome to Goodman Campbell Dr. Michael R. Jones!

Dr. Michael R. Jones joined Goodman Campbell on July 1st and will work at the Goodman Campbell ProHealth Care location in Wisconsin. He is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed his MD at Tulane University. He completed his neurological surgery residency at Northwestern University.

Dr. Jones specializes in spinal surgery. He first became interested in neurosurgery as an undergraduate working in a brain tumor surgeonā€™s lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His interest grew in medical school as he saw the clinical side of the field, and continues to be amazed at the impact many of the procedures have on patient lives and well being. “Iā€™m particularly excited about the innovations that are taking place in our field, especially in spine surgery. From minimally invasive techniques to new implants, Iā€™m looking forward to continuing to improve patient experiences and outcomes,” said Dr. Jones.

When asked what he was looking forward to most about joining the Goodman Campbell team, Dr. Jones stated “I am thrilled to be joining a large group of experienced and specialized neurosurgeons. I was particularly attracted to the innovative and collaborative culture of the group. Neurosurgery is constantly evolving through innovations of new techniques, basic science, clinical research and technological improvements. I am hopeful that by continually updating our practices and collaborating with other providers we can continue to improve our management of the conditions we treat.”

Dr. Jones spent his summers on a lake in northern Wisconsin where he met his wife. They have two young children and as a family enjoy traveling, hiking and visiting with family. Please welcome Dr. Jones back home!

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