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Goodman Campbell Celebrates Allied Health Department for Year of the Nurse

A successful healthcare environment is one that encourages collaboration and communication among those administering care to patients. In any healthcare organization, nurses play an essential day-to-day role. With nearly 3 million nurses nationwide and many more around the globe, the World Health Organization has designated 2020 the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” to celebrate those bringing countless benefits to the people.

In conjunction with this designation, we celebrate the registered nurses and nurse practitioners in our Allied Health department at Goodman Campbell. They’re critical in ensuring our entire team delivers high quality care and successful patient outcomes. So what do our nurses do?

Registered nurses conduct initial consultations and follow-up appointments with patients after surgery. Our nurse practitioners and physician assistants are experts in the fields of family medicine, acute care, pediatrics and adult gerontology. They also assist with vital research projects on brain and spine disorders, injuries and treatments.

Nurse practitioners are board certified and very knowledgeable in their respective specialties. Their ability to diagnose, treat, prescribe medication and assist with surgery means there will be dedicated members of your healthcare team that really get to you, your family and your history.

Our trauma advanced practitioner team has a presence at Ascension St. Vincent around the clock. They get the first calls from the emergency department on neurosurgical-related trauma cases for the hospital, then manage all those cases and consult with physicians on the best treatment options. We also have team and triage nurses who manages pre- and post-operative follow-up calls and bandage and suture removals.

Whether working in the clinic or at a hospital, our nurses are highly regarded members of Goodman Campbell’s team as they bring immense value to the quality of care we promise every day. Nurses are known to be lifelong learners, and we always encourage our staff to advance their career through continuing education opportunities or by obtaining higher degrees and certifications.

Doctors are supportive and appreciate that nurses serve as boots on the ground getting the work done and that advance practitioners can be their first assist in the operating room. Nurses develop close relationships with patients as the nature of their work allows them to be beside through the continuum of care. 

We’re proud that our nurses are professional, love our clientele, offer personalized care, and are always available for questions.

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