Patient with Glioblastoma Committed to Helping Community

Until last August, Kelli McLaughlin of Carmel was living her life like normal. She was raising her four children with her husband, Ryan, volunteering for different causes, and managing two locations of her boutique shop, Clothes With a Cause, which donates proceeds to different charities throughout the year.  That month, Kelli started noticing odd, neurological […]


MEGA Brain to Educate Visitors of Neurosurgery Foundation Events

January 11, 2017—The Neurosurgery Foundation at Goodman Campbell and the Methodist Health Foundation recently partnered to purchase the MEGA Brain—an inflatable, walk-through exhibit that provides an interactive educational experience on the human brain. Besides learning about the brain’s structures and normal function, visitors will observe examples of brain trauma and diseases, including tumor, stroke, aneurysm, […]