MEGA Brain to Educate Visitors of Neurosurgery Foundation Events

January 11, 2017—The Neurosurgery Foundation at Goodman Campbell and the Methodist Health Foundation recently partnered to purchase the MEGA Brain—an inflatable, walk-through exhibit that provides an interactive educational experience on the human brain. Besides learning about the brain’s structures and normal function, visitors will observe examples of brain trauma and diseases, including tumor, stroke, aneurysm, and Alzheimer’s disease.

            Making its debut at the Second Annual Brain Bolt 5K held last October, the 12-foot tall MEGA Brain proved to be a popular attraction for race participants of all ages.

            “We were sure the MEGA Brain would have an enormous impact within our Indianapolis community and were overwhelmed by good responses from Brain Bolt 5K attendees,” says Derek Cantrell, Executive Director of Finance and Administration at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine. “We look forward to educating more visitors about the wonders of the human brain at our future events.”

            The MEGA Brain is a product of Texas-based Medical Inflatables, Inc. Both foundations plan to make it a focal point in their neuroscience community outreach.

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