New COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

If you have not already received your COVID-19 vaccine and would like to, you can register today at a new vaccine clinic location in Indianapolis! Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine’s Dr. John Scott, a neurointerventional radiologist, organized this COVID-19 vaccine clinic alongside Pastor Clarence White and Dr. Miracle Anokwute, a neurosurgery resident. Dr. Scott has been volunteering around local vaccine clinics since January 2021. When Pastor White registered for his 2nd dose he was unaware that it would be administered by Dr. Scott and their conversation would result in a vaccination clinic forming at his church.

Pastor White recognized that vaccination rates were low in Marion County, and he was actively looking for a way to help educate and increase vaccine accessibility throughout the community. He asked Dr. Scott, “What can we do as a church [Christ Our King Christian Church]?” Inspired by their conversation, Dr. Scott set a plan in motion to organize a COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

“The vaccine has been proven safe and effective against COVID-19. The more people we can provide the vaccine to, the sooner we can recover as a community,” said Dr. Scott. He recruited the help of Dr. Anokwute, an activist in community health awareness. Dr. Scott has known Dr. Anokwute for several years and knew he would be the perfect addition to the team. ‘When Dr. Scott reached out to me I was excited to jump in. I want to help lessen the spread of misinformation and apprehension,” said Dr. Anokwute. “It’s important that we come together to protect ourselves and each other by getting the vaccine- in the hopes that we can one day put this behind us.”

Other Goodman Campbell volunteers include Allied Health members: Gina Webb, Maggie Hopkins, Stacey Roberts, Sarah Rooksberry, Kelly Hoonhout, and Danielle Pfeifer. We are also proud to partner with Ascension St. Vincent, who will be providing the Pfizer vaccine and pharmacy support. The clinic will be open on June 16th and July 7th from 12:00pm-6:00pm.

At Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, we take pride in being a patient-focused organization. While our day-to-day work doesn’t center around these vaccinations, we feel strongly about keeping our patients and community safe and healthy. Dr. Scott states, “It is very gratifying that we can all come together for this cause.”

To register visit and select “Ascension St. V Indy Mobile Site” located at 2701 N. California St., Indianapolis, IN 46208.

Request an appointment online and we will guide you through the next steps.