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Novel stroke treatment study at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine

In the ongoing quest to improve patient care, Dr. Charles Kulwin and Goodman Campbell have teamed up with 35 additional locations nationwide to study the treatment of stroke. Goodman Campbell physicians were some of the first participants and main contributors to the study, and now transition this research to their St. Vincent location. 

The study, ENRICH, will include up to 300 adults (ages 18-80) who have suffered an acute, spontaneous primary intracerebral hemorrhage (a type of stroke). According to Dr. Kulwin, “Intracerebral hemorrhage is the most devastating form of stroke, and one for which we currently have very little to offer to patients other than supportive care and a long road to recovery. With this study we are hoping to demonstrate the first surgical procedure to clearly help patients suffering from this condition.

The study will use 2 groups to determine whether medical or surgical treatment, within 24 hours, results in better outcomes for patients.  No surgery has previously been shown to be effective for this condition.

This study, along with the work being done at St. Vincent’s Comprehensive Stroke Center, will add valuable information to stroke treatment and result in improved care for patients in Indiana and across the world.  For further study information please

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