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What is an APP and Why Should I See One?

Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine is a pioneer in offering care to patients provided by Advanced Practice Providers with advanced neuro-specific training and experience.  Advanced practice providers, also known as APPs, include nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs). In certain circumstances APPs may be the first medical professional to see you whether you are […]


In Cervical Spine Cases, Expert Diagnosis and Treatment Make the Difference

If you’re having pain in your neck, shoulder, or arm—or if you’ve experienced progressive numbness, tingling, or loss of coordination in your hands—these may be signs of an issue involving your cervical spine. Your neck, or cervical spine, includes the vertebrae that support your head and connect to your upper back. Your cervical vertebrae (C1 […]


Back in the Saddle After Lifelong Spinal Conditions

Ginger has loved and worked with horses for much of her life. But in past years, pain from lifelong health issues forced her to retire from the therapeutic riding program she started for children with disabilities. Ginger’s own horses, Buddy and Harley, are stabled on a farm in Zionsville owned by a longtime friend. Over […]


A Return to an Active Life After Lumbar Fusion

Jay and his family live in Indianapolis in a house that’s been in the family for several generations. Though his kids have grown, Jay looks back on a life in which sports and physical activity—whether on his own, with friends or with his wife and kids—have played a huge role. Being active has been important […]


Why Choose a Neurosurgeon for Spine Surgery

We’ve written a few times about how well our patients do after spine surgery and particularly about how good our patient outcomes are compared to the average on a national neurosurgical registry for spine cases. While this registry is currently being expanded and enhanced to form a more comprehensive American Spine Registry, we thought this might be a good […]


Goodman Campbell Outcomes Rise Above the National Average

Perhaps the most important measure of our success as a neurosurgical practice is the outcome for patients. Less pain, lower chance of readmission, higher quality of life—these are the results that matter, to us and to our patients. So how are we doing? According to the Quality and Outcomes Database (QOD), established by the American […]


Sending MRIs by Email Can’t Replace Physician Visits

Today, it seems like everything can be done online. Sometimes that’s great: When you need to call a car or book plane tickets, it’s nice to do it from the comfort of your living room. But when it comes to treating back and neck pain, there’s still no substitute for an in-person visit. Although some […]


The Importance of Lifelong Learning in Spine Care

Excellent spine care is the result of a commitment to lifelong learning. As the field advances, and technology improves, it’s critical for physicians to keep up with new developments. But even in a field that demands this kind of dedication, Dr. Jean-Pierre Mobasser stands out for his early start. “When I was a teenager, I […]


Why patients with back pain need an MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging—better known as MRI—is a test health care professionals use to diagnose health issues for millions of Americans every year—and perhaps no group has benefited more than people who suffer from neck or back pain. Stacy Bell, FNP-C. She’s worked for 19 years as a nurse practitioner with Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, […]

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