Spine Health

Preventing Back Pain at Home and At Work

First and foremost, good posture is your friend when it comes to preventing back pain. For years, your mother has told you to stand up straight and improve your posture, but did you know that poor posture can actually lead to hastened degenerative spinal disorders?

Good posture keeps your bones properly aligned and alleviates extra stress on your musculoskeletal systems, allowing your muscles, joints, and ligaments to work as intended. Good posture also keeps all your vital organs in the right position and functioning at peak efficiency and it helps keep your nervous system functioning normally.

Contributing factors of bad posture:

  • Watching television
  • Working at a desk with poorly designed seats
  • Poor sleep support
  • Weak muscles, muscle imbalance
  • Excessive weight
  • Foot problems/improper shoes
  • Careless sitting, standing, sleeping habits
  • Negative self image
  • Poorly designed work space
  • Occupational stress

Here are some easy tips that can help you alleviate stress on your back and, in turn, prevent future back injury and pain:

Keep your weight down
Excess weight especially around the middle, pulls on the back, weakening stomach muscles.

Develop a regular program of exercise
This keeps you flexible and helps tone muscles to support proper posture.

Buy good bedding
A firm mattress supports the spine and helps maintain the same shape as someone with upright posture.

Pay attention to your body
Injuries from bumps, falls and jars especially in your youth, may cause growth abnormalities or postural adaptations to the injury or pain that can show up later in life.

Have your eyes checked regularly
Poor vision can contribute to back problems by affecting the way you carry yourself.

Be aware of where you work
Make sure that your chair is high enough, you have a footrest and your body is comfortable in your workstation.

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