Goodman Campbell neurosurgeons lead the state in the treatment of brain disorders, with more than 25 surgeons specializing in distinct areas of brain disorders and treatment, including brain trauma, tumors and neurological disorders (tremor, Parkinson's disease, and some chronic pain). We also offer services not found anywhere else in the state and are often a referral destination for other neurosurgical practices in the region, given our expertise in the rarest diseases and conditions of the brain and the volumes of complex treatments we perform, including skull base surgery, epilepsy surgery, the most difficult brain tumors and Indiana's widest variety of radiosurgery options, including The Indiana Lions Gamma Knife Center and Novalis.

No other living structure is more complex than the brain. The intricate electrical currents of this three-pound organ regulate our thinking, our emotions and our actions. In recent years, scientific study has led to amazing breakthroughs in our understanding of this superstructure - the way it responds to injury and illness and the ways we can help it heal.

These educational resources provide an even better understanding of brain-related conditions, treatments and anatomy.