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Local High School Student Supports Brain Aneurysm Awareness

At just 8 years old, Faith Arvin lost her father to a brain aneurysm and has had several family members also diagnosed with the devastating condition. These tragedies are what motivated Faith, now a senior at Martinsville High School, in Martinsville, IN, to host the “Breakthrough for Brain Aneurysm Awareness Walk,” held April 30 at […]


NFL Sideline Neurosurgeon Dr. Khairi Discusses Head Injuries and Player Safety

To view this interview, please click here. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – Just hours before the release of the Concussion movie, people are talking about the negative effects that football and other popular contact sports can have on the brain. “When the players are dazed, confused, have a headache, light bothers their eyes, they can’t see straight. Those […]

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