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Spine health & back pain

Develop Your 'Powerhouse' With Pilates

Pilates is a physical fitness system that focuses on lengthening, strengthening and improving the flexibility of the "core" muscles responsible for the support and alignment of the spine, which may help prevent and alleviate back pain. Read More


Get Back, Pain!

Almost everyone experiences acute back pain at some point in their life. Handle acute back pain with care and it won't keep you down for long. Read More


Minimally Invasive Options

Many patients are coming in to their surgeon's office hoping to have an "easier" surgery. But what does minimally invasive really mean? Read More


Chicken Noodle Soup for Low Back Pain

About 80 percent of people will experience a significant bout of low back pain at some point during their lifetime. Telling you that regular exercise has a positive effect on low back pain is a bit like providing you with "chicken soup" advice; meaning that your mother probably could have told you that maintaining a strong and healthy back would be good for you. The reality is a bit more complicated. Read More


Exercises for the Spine

In addition to regular cardiovascular exercise, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has also recommended a series of exercises that have been specifically chosen in order to help strengthen and condition the muscles that support the spinal column. These exercises can be done at home, and they do not require any special exercise equipment. Read More


Lifting Techniques

Lifting doesn't have to be a dangerous proposition, even when it's done regularly at work or at home. As long as you make sure to know the facts about correct lifting and bending techniques, you can protect your back from unnecessary added stress and possible injury. Read More


Physical Therapists and the Treatment of Back Pain

Most doctors who treat back pain work hand in hand with a physical therapist. Physical therapists are invaluable in helping patients return to their normal activities, and they are also very good at teaching patients an exercise program to promote good spinal health. There are several different popular exercise programs that are known by different names that have been designed to reduce back pain. Read More


Preventing Back Pain at Home and at Work

First and foremost, good posture is your friend when it comes to preventing back pain. For years, your mother has told you to stand up straight and improve your posture, but did you know that poor posture can actually lead to degenerative spinal disorders? Read More


Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Bone Mass

In a healthy person bones continue to grow in strength and size until a person reaches their mid-30s, when peak bone mass is attained. In average bone regeneration, it takes about 90 days for old bone to be reabsorbed and replaced by new bone. Read More

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