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As our patient, you place your trust in the hands of some of the state's finest neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and pain management specialists. Under the care of this team of experts, you can expect exceptional skill and knowledge, every technical advance, and a deep sense of commitment to you and your well-being.

Please review the following patient information designed to help us deliver the finest care to each of our patients.

Office Hours
Patients are seen by appointment from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Each physician has a unique schedule for office visits and surgeries and may have unavoidable delays due to surgeries or unexpected emergencies. We will inform you if there is a delay. However, if you feel like you have been waiting too long, please inform the front desk receptionist. Every effort will be made to accommodate you should we need to reschedule.


If urgent problems arise, a Goodman Campbell neurosurgeon is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When the office is closed, call 317-396-1300 to reach the answering service. An on-call physician will be contacted immediately. If necessary, you may also call 911 or travel to the nearest hospital emergency room.


If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as far in advance as possible. We do appreciate your consideration.


Pre-registration Forms
If there is time prior to your appointment, you will receive a packet of information, including registration forms, directions/map, information regarding our financial policy, and a medical questionnaire. As an added convenience, you may also access/print the forms from our website. Please bring the completed forms with you the day of your appointment to ensure you are seen in a timely manner.

Release of Information
Federal regulations require that Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine obtain a signed release from you before releasing any medical information about you. You may request this form from our office or you may print out the form from our web site.  There is a fee to copy and mail your records. Please talk to our office staff for more information about these fees.


X-rays, Test Results & Medications
For a complete review of your condition and the most prompt treatment, always bring x-rays, CT and MRI scans and their reports along with test results, and medications to your appointment. Please note that we do need you to bring original (hard copy) films or a CD that contains the images to your appointment.


Insurance Card
Please bring your insurance card each time you visit the office. The card is an important guide to your insurance company's pre-certification, copayment, and claims requirements. Please advise the receptionist of any changes to your contact information, your marital status, insurance, or primary care physician.


Prescriptions and Refills
During your appointment, discuss prescriptions with your physician and please plan ahead to ensure you have the medication you need. For your convenience, patients can refill prescriptions by calling our automated refill line at 317-396-1300 between 9:00am and 3:00pm.


To find out more about Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, our physicians and staff, or to schedule an appointment, please call 317-396-1300 or toll free at 888-225-5464.

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