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June F. - patient of Carl Sartorius, MD

This is the best experience I have ever had at a doctor's appointment.

Roma C. - patient of Troy Payner, MD

Dr. Payner is very informative, pleasant, polite, caring, and we are grateful and blessed he is our doctor! What a doll!

David M. - patient of Saad Khairi, MD and Nancy Lipson, MD

I have never experienced this level of professionalism, concern & care that I have at this organization.  My experiences with Dr. Lipson, Dr. Khairi & Stacy LeMasters were all superb.  The amount of time and concern they put forth was exemplary.  I left very informed and comfortable.

Cynthia B. - patient of Ron Young, MD

Excellent facility and care.

Tammy B. - patient of Saad Khairi, MD

Dr. Khairi is very easy to talk to. He is kind and caring, very up-front with good communication and surgical skills. Stacy is great! Easy to talk to and very sweet. The office gals are outstanding. Melanie is really efficient and very friendly. Front office gal is efficient, sweet and caring. Great office staff!!

Michelle L. - patient of Jean-Pierre Mobasser, MD

Dr. Mobasser and his staff are a blessing from God.

Monica E. - patient of Carl Sartorius, MD

I just love coming here. Everyone makes the experience very pleasant. You always exceed my expectations. Thank you to everyone!

Tori S. - patient of Eric Potts, MD

Dr. Potts is great! Love the staff! Keep up the good work.

Eileen J. - patient of Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD

I wanted to let Dr. Cohen know that the surgery was a success, and my quality of life gets better each day! Dr. Cohen was a blessing and a godsend!

Daniel L. - patient of Peter Gianaris, MD

Very courteous and informative. Great bedside manner!

Anonymous - patient of Eric Potts, MD

This overall was a great experience and less stressful than other doctor visits I've been to with other doctors.

Stacey M. - patient of Jim Thoman, MD

The staff and physicians of Goodman Campbell are amazing!  All issues were dealt with quickly and the staff are always courteous.

Jeffrey M. - patient of Jim Thoman, MD

Thank you! I felt very confident in my treatment.

Brenda F. - patient of Eric Horn, MD and Chris Doran, MD

Dr. Horn is the best doctor ever! And so is Dr. Doran!

Gerald L. - patient of Randy Gehring, MD

I recently received corrective back surgery from Dr. Randy Gehring and his assistant Lesha. From the first day I met the doctor and his assistant, I felt very comfortable in their presence.  Dr. Gehring's professionalism and bedside manner is excellent.  I have found [him] to be beyond reproach.  He is not only a thorough Doctor, but a very kind person. Most of the time, people come in, get their business accomplished and leave, but I just wanted to pass this on to you folks because I had the feeling of being special.

Wilma N. - patient of Jose Vitto, MD

Dr. Vitto makes you feel comfortable and explains what is going on with injections.

Bruce B. - patient of Chris Doran, MD

Dr. Doran was extremely informative and made me very comfortable in the procedure.

Johanna D. - patient of Jeff Crecelius, MD

Very informative, went over MRI films with me thoroughly, discussed surgery and recovery time.

Monica W. - patient of Derron Wilson, MD

Dr. Wilson and staff are wonderful - listening well, practical advice, kind & compassionate.

Rob S. - patient of Eric Potts, MD

Dr. Potts was outstanding - highly recommend.

Joseph A. - patient of Steven James, MD

Dr. James was very patient in answering all my questions. He provided advice and his reasoning for the advice.  I very much like him.

Julia H. - patient of Thomas Leipzig, MD

I have never been so impressed as I was today with the overall care I received from every staff member. Thank you!

Jack O. - patient of Thomas Leipzig, MD

Dr. Leipzig was cordial and very easy to talk to. I was so impressed with his sincerity and willingness to take the time to answer all my questions. I felt extremely comfortable with him. I feel confident in his expertise.  It’s almost like I met a new friend!

Lagenia B. - patient of Thomas Leipzig, MD

I really did enjoy my visit.  Dr. Leipzig was awesome.

Sandra L. - Mother of patient seen by James Miller, MD

We like IU Hospital. Dr. Miller and his staff are great and very helpful and make our visits easy and I am very grateful because they saved my son's life. Thank you!

Elaine S. - patient of Richard B. Rodgers, MD

I liked how I was treated. I liked my doctor. He explained everything very well and thorough. I liked not having to wait a long time.

Amy W. - patient of Derron Wilson, MD

Dr. Wilson has a wonderful bedside manner. Very approachable and easy to talk to! Thank you!

Melanie S. - patient of Scott Shapiro, MD

Dr. Scott Shapiro and his assistant Veronica personify the best in the medical profession.  Courteous, considerate, patient with questions, empathetic - and I've had a very good outcome!

Mary M. - patient of Jeff Crecelius, MD

Everyone was very friendly and easy to talk to.  I thought both women in the front office were very nice. Ann too. Dr Crecelius was very informative, and I felt like I'd been seeing him a long time.

Debra D. - patient of Itay Melamed, MD

Just love my surgeon to death! Dr. Melamed is wonderful!

Linda S. - patient of Anthony Sabatino, MD

I was very impressed with Dr. Sabatino. He made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions.

Linda G. - patient of Jose Vitto, MD at our Greenwood office

Dr. Vitto was very professional, informant, answered ALL queseitons patiently in layman's terms. I loved him. My procedure was virtually painless.  Office staff was wonderful and caring. Thanks you!!

Keith A. - patient of Thomas Leipzig, MD

I know that when I chose Goodman Campbell, I made the right choice.  Everyone in there is very friendly and professional, especially Dr. Leipzig.  And I believe her name is Monique [Monic, patient advocate]. She is the one who set up another test for me. All of the staff makes my doctors appointment very pleasurable and I thank each and every one of you.  I also don't want to leave out the X-ray guy I forget his name. But he makes your visit a nice one also.  And to my doc I just want to say thank you for fixing my back.  I knew as soon as I woke up in the recovery room that I was fixed before I even took the first step.  This world needs alot more doctors like you.  Well thanks again and God bless each and every one of you.

Becci M. - patient of Jose Vitto, MD at our Greenwood office
Dr. Vitto and his staff went beyond what any doctor I have seen in years to accommodate me. I am truly so thankful I chose to come here.
Margaret S. - patient of Steven James, MD - Seen in October 2011

I just love Dr. James. He is so nice and friendly. Thank you so much. I have my life back!

Anonymous - patient of Thomas Witt, MD - Seen in October 2011
Dr. Witt is awesome and I feel very confident and comfortable in his care.
Chris B. - patient of Michael Pritz, MD - Seen in October 2011

Dr. Pritz and the nurses are all just excellent!

Susan P. - mother of child treated by Daniel Fulkerson, MD

Dr. Fulkerson is a very wonderful person. He removed a grapefruit-sized tumor from our son's brain in April [2011].  He reassured us that everything was going to work out and that he would do everything in his power to save our son.  Him and God gave our 19-month-old son back to us. Thank you Dr. Fulkerson for being a totally awesome surgeon and person.  May God bless you mightily.

Jude M. - patient of Thomas Witt, MD
Excellent communication with office. Dr. Witt takes time to explain my condition and all treatment options expertly.
Patricia R. - patient of Mitesh Shah, MD

Dr. Shah is very efficient and takes his time to answer all my questions.

Anthony W. - patient of Shannon McCanna, MD

Appreciated Dr. McCanna's diagnosis and the way he scheduled me in for ultrasound and having the injection by Dr. Wilson and his staff.

"Not only have you done an amazing job taking my pain away, when it was so severe, you all treated me with dignity and compassion."

Mary E. - Patient of Dr. Doran

I just wanted to write you and give you a big Thank You for your service! Not only have you done an amazing job taking my pain away, when it was so severe, you all treated me with dignity and compassion. I have only been to your office twice, but I feel that I have been a long time patient of yours. With this day and age of medicine, I can't tell you how far that goes with me. It is just Amazing patient care, from calling for an appointment, to the nurses, to the awesome Dr. Doran! Again, thank you all so much! I will never hesitate to refer a person to GCBS - most important, Dr. Doran!

Anonymous - patient of Randy Gehring, MD

I was very nervous before seeing the office & nurse personnel, however during the time the doctor spent with me, I was more relaxed (my blood pressure repeat was proof). The doctor was very informative and patient with me, showing concern to my problem. I'm looking forward to seeing the new facilities when I visit in November.

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