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Healing isn't about working miracles. It's about working together. We believe that patients are best served when neurosurgeons, scientists and professors work side-by-side sharing information so that the latest practices can be implemented and the best outcomes achieved.

We're sure you have a million questions swirling in your head. We hope that this site serves not only as a place to get to know us, but also to get to know better the condition you or your loved one is facing and how we are here to make sure it's not being faced alone.

Our philosophy of care can be considered pioneering, but we view it as practical. By merging the minds of Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group and the IU Department of Neurological Surgery, we don't simply stay abreast of the latest research; we are driving it and uncovering new ways to put these groundbreaking academic findings into state-of-the-art clinical solutions. Giving you the unprecedented beneift of world-class surgical, research and academic expertise from one practice.



Neurosurgery in and of itself is a specialized skill that requires intense training and many years of study, but we have held that the nervous system -- that is, the brain, spinal cord and nerves - and the disorders and diseases that afflict it - tumors, genetic disorders, lesions, aneurysms, pain and more -- are too complex for any one surgeon to grasp fully.

There is a critical difference between figuring out a solution and delivering the best possible answer, and when talking about the diseases, disorders and injuries of the brain, neck and spine, we provide patients with an entire team of superspecialists, many of whom can do what no other surgeons in the region can do.

That is why the surgeons at Goodman Campbell have encouraged superspecialization long before its acceptance in major university teaching programs and other large practices. This dedication to immersing ourselves in specific areas of the nervous system and even specific conditions that affect those areas remains the hallmark of our practice.

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