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World-class minds have come together to pursue a unique, patient-first approach to brain, spine and nerve care.

Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group and Indiana University's Department of Neurological Surgery have merged their surgical, research and academic expertise to develop innovative techniques, increase the success of proven treatments and provide advanced training for the next generation of neurosurgeons. All to give each patient the best chance for recovery.

In our collective history, we have treated thousands of adults and children. Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine is one of North America's largest and most progressive neurosurgical practices treating all disorders and trauma with superspecialized expertise, including the treatment of brain aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage, pituitary disorders, trigeminal neuralgia and complex spinal disorders, including discs, tumors, injuries and degenerative disease.



Neurosurgery in and of itself is a specialized skill that requires intense training and many years of study, but we have held that the nervous system -- that is, the brain, spinal cord and nerves - and the disorders and diseases that afflict it - tumors, genetic disorders, lesions, aneurysms and pain among countless others -- are too complex for any one surgeon to grasp fully.

That is why the surgeons at Goodman Campbell have encouraged superspecialization long before its acceptance in major university teaching programs and other large practices. This dedication to immersing ourselves in specific areas of the nervous system and even specific conditions that affect those areas remains the hallmark of our practice.

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